Technical specifications

Standard Dimensions

Crosslinked molecular structure with functional additives, it is best suited when high abrasion resistance is required. It has 30% higher lifespan when compared to UHMW Type A. More commonly used in more abrasive bulk systems, such as iron ore, sand and bauxite ore, optimizing the cost-benefit and reducing the expenses related to installation.

Constant problems with clogging?

Solve clogging problems with Duramaxx Ultra in ore processing and power plants.

Chute for unloading ore

Non-Stick Linings

Wear Plates

Side Guides


Problems with Carry Back?

Carry Back above 20%

No Duramaxx: Inefficiency and Labor Hazards

Protect and extend the life span of your equipment

Non-Stick Linings for:

Transport Trucks

Off-Road trucks

• Scrapers

Hydraulic Backhoes


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